Introduction Workshop

26 July 2007

An introduction workshop that ended in a real celebration of movement, freeness and the feminine. Urshulah was honoured by the presence of women who each brought with them a rich variety of experience and individual womanhood. Ultimately bellydance is a dance which had been shared between women since thousands' of years ago. The same values applies now as then: honesty, sharing, respect, creativity, care, sensuality....and this was what Urshulah really experienced in this workshop.  

The participants in this workshop were:

Anne, Michelle, Marianna, Gerty, Erika, Beverley, Brenda and Janet. For first time belly-poses you just have to look at these pictures to see that it is something which resides in every woman just waiting to be stimulated!

      Above is the sunrise of the same morning - which really represents the dark, light and coloured aspects of life and in this case a sense of expectation and potential.