Seaside Village

National Women's Day

Cape Town Fish Market

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An event for ladies at Seaside Village on National Women's Day. The event was organized by Glenda, Event Organizer of Seaside Village. It took place in the lovely Cape Town Fish Market Restaurant overlooking Table Bay & Mountain.

Monique, PRO from Durbell Pharmacies, presented the event with her professional and feminine charm.

Henriëtte, a flower artist from House of Arums, enriched the ladies with a talk and demonstration of a beautiful flower arrangement.

Marinda from ROC's cosmetics presented some exciting facial products.

Sean, sports nutritional consultant from Durbell Vita-Kem Pharmacy, gave a talk, or rather 'an impact', on health and nutrition.

The CTFM staff gave sushi demonstrations and a chef demonstrated a Japanese food preparation.

Then Urshulah.:

She 'gave a talk' with body and movement. The wordless talk was about the sensual feminine form, the mystery in teasing movements, the warm embrace between women, the essence of human contact and respect, the pulsating heart of feet on the ground, the ebb and flow of hips and swells of breasts........the agelessness of mother and daughters. These themes were touched on in only two dances.

Let the pictures talk.

Mountain   HandTalk
Trimmed Style