Special Guests @ Surika's Raqs Eastern Dancing @ Baran's



Shimara is a professional bellydancer specializing in classical folk and Baladi. She was trained in Beirut, Lebanon.

In this show she performed a Harem Dance with much precision, grace and attention to detail.




Ah - what can be said about this athletic dancer using a special sense of masculinity. Her bread-knife-balancing is unsurpassed as well as her apple-eating adaptation.

Then a huge python makes it's appearance leading to feats like 'snake-skipping' - still to rock the bellydancing world.

In the last show she was shamefully exposed of her femininity by a real sweet-heart called Candy. And what a fire-ice, yin-yang journey they turned out to be........

  Shimara3     ShimaraDance     Sultana4          


Akasha is a professional bellydancer and teacher. Her performances express an abundance of energy, movement and coordinated wildness. And so is her spirit of connection with audience and colleagues alike - full of inspiration, spontaneity, freeness and drive....

Look carefully and you'll see this dancer is flying - her feet barely touches the ground in these photos.

    Akasha1   Akasha2   Akasha3   Akasha4